Just Where I Was Meant To Be.

Sometimes stuff doesn't work out the way you expect it to and in the moment it can be so aggravating. It's hard to step back and see the bigger picture beyond what your were hoping for. That happened to me yesterday. My session didn't go as planned and for a moment I was frustrated. Then I looked around. I was surrounded by beauty and love, with my photography equipment, and I could CAPTURE it. I could share it. I had no idea what a blessing it would be until I came home and went through my images. The beauty: The love: The day definitely didn't end as I imagined it would, but I was exactly where I was meant to be. -

A Father's Day Gift: His Girls and His Cars.

Anyone who knows Bryan knows three facts about him to be unquestionably true: He loves his daughters more than anything, he loves his cars and is an extraordinary mechanic, and his girlfriend is an amazing woman. I've known Bryan for several years, his daughters just as long, and his girlfriend, Danni, for a couple years or so now. Before I officially became a photographer I had the absolute pleasure of babysitting his two beautiful daughters for about 5 years. I watched them grow from babies to young ladies getting ready for their first day's of grade school. What a gift that was for me! I love them to the moon and back. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when I was hired for this shoot

Slideshows. (YAY!)

So I am very excited about this. Can you tell? From now on, all clients will be gifted a sneak peek slideshow along with a photo or two while they wait for the editing process to be completed. It sounds like a small thing, but I think it's pretty awesome. Here is an example of what you can expect :) -SCP

The Dress, Eight Years Later.

For a little more than eight years, this dress has hung in my closet. Today, I let it breathe a little. It's dirty now. It never made it to the dry cleaner after. The underneath is stained from my walk down the aisle to my soon to be husband and later, from celebrating the night away with family and friends. Maybe some from the stop at the bar on the way from the church to the reception hall ;)The years have made it yellow in some spots, but I still love it as much now as I did then. I remember picking it out as clear as day. We didn't have a large budget for our wedding. In fact, we barely had any budget at all. I walked into the bridal shop and instead of trying them all on I headed straig

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