Happy Birthday!

17 years ago my life changed in ways I could never have imaged. Still just a kid myself, I really had no idea what was ahead of me. I'm not gonna lie, I was scared. Then, a gorgeous baby boy made his way into the world and any fear I felt was immediately replaced with love, pride, and a determination like I've never known. I was a mom. I had a son. WHOA. He was healthy. He was beautiful. He was all mine. Watching him grow up to the man he is today has been one of the great blessings in my life. Happy birthday, Darren! I love you, I'm proud of you, and I can't wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish. -SCP

What Type of Photographer Am I?

When I first stated pursuing professional photography I didn't know what type of photographer I was. Heck, I didn't even know there were types to be. I just thought it was enough to have my camera, "the eye", and patient clients willing to let me learn along the way. If figured eventually it would be long enough and I could call myself a professional and that was all there was to it. Ha! I had no idea. Fast froward a couple years, I found myself taking an online wedding photography class from CreativeLive. It was The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience by Jasmine Star. I was still reeling from what I thought was a failed first attempt at 2nd shooting ( I'll get to more on that another t

Oops! My Bad.

Sorry, guys. If you received a promotional email from me today meant for potential future wedding clients and you're a colleague, previous client, already booked for 2017 or 2018, or scheduled for a consult please diaregard it. I take pride in NOT spamming my friends and clients with emails and newsletters that they haven't actually signed up to receive. Apparently, there was a glitch within my sever that sent that email to anyone who's ever contacted me via my website rather than the few I actually selected. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! I promise this is not the beginning of random emails from me to the masses. -SCP

How I Balance My Home and Business .

I am not only a wedding photographer, I'm also a wife and the mother of 4 children. I have no shame in admitting that if I want to be successful at balancing my home and my business I need help. A lot of it. At home I "outsource" my responsibilities by way of chores. We all do, right? A husband and 4 kids means lots of helping hands! I outsource some of my laundry, some of our dishes, and my sock folding thanks to my 3 year old who absolutely loves that job. (How lucky am I?!?) Yet for some reason, when it comes to work I try not to outsource much. At least I haven't up until this point. I thought I needed to do it all myself to be successful. I was straight BANANAS for thinking that. The tr

2017 Couple's Choice Award

You guys. This happened this week: AHH! This means so much to me you have no idea. Wedding photography is my passion so being recognized for my work is a huge deal for me. Not to mention, 2016 was my first year as the lead photographer for all the weddings I shot. It just means so much. If you are reading this, I want you to celebrate with me. I don't care if it's tomorrow or a year from now. By yourself a little extra treat because without clients and people like you supporting me this never would have happened. Thank you. This is for us :) -SCP

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