Winter Engagement Session: Lenny & Jenn

Lenny and Jenn's winter engagement session was so much fun. It wasn't too cold and there was just the right amount of snow on the ground. This engagement session was a little different in that it actually took place at two of my favorite Lehigh Valley engagement session locations rather than one. First we met up at Lockridge Park and let's face it, you simply can't go wrong there. It's such a unique and fun spot, ESPECIALLY with the addition of a little snow. Next we headed over to Lehigh University quickly on our way home. It will always be one of my top 5 favorite places to work. There's just something about it that I love so much. It's a hidden gem tucked in the heart of southside Bethl

TheKnot Best of 2018 Award

You guys, I won a Best of Weddings 2018 award!!! From TheKnot!! It's my 1st year winning one and I am honored, proud, and over the moon excited. This was a big one for me and it's because of all of you. You can't even qualify without positive reviews. Each one of you who took the time to leave me a review on TheKnot played a role in me receiving this and I am so thankful for each of you!! Thank you so much for your support <3

We're Moving!

I've been getting a lot of questions lately that I wanted to address. Now that all of my current clients have been emailed directly I can address them here. There has been A LOT going on behind the scenes here, bringing a pretty huge change to my family and my little photography business. Many of you have noticed that my business listings and website now say Maine. Some of you know that I'm from there. Well, my family recently fell into an opportunity that was too good to pass up and so, we are relocating to Northern Maine late this summer!The cool thing about photography is it's a business I can take anywhere. During this time while I transition my business from here to there, we will be go

Bethlehem Engagement Session: Monica & Andrew

Have you ever been to Bethlehem in December? It's magical. The town is full of lights and pop up vendors selling their crafts, and of course shoppers and diners soaking up everything the city has to offer. I was so excited when Monica and Andrew decided on Main St for their location. Can I just tell you, it was BUSY. It's always busy, but it was like, super extra busy. Thankfully Monica and Andrew didn't let that stop them from rocking it out. We dodged cars, people, and paused many times so the excited little ones could pet their adorable puppy, Sam. All in all, it was worth every second. I really love how their photos turned out and I'm so excited for their wedding this spring.

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