Disappearing Wedding Trends

Once upon a time weddings were all about tradition but lately that seems to be fading, and I actually think it's a great thing! Couples are more and more making their wedding day about them and what they want to do. Gone are the days of having to follow in your parent's footsteps and participate in the wedding formalities of their generation. Don't get me wrong, some brides still find wedding day traditions romantic and sentimental and I think that is so sweet! However, things are definitely shifting in the wedding world. Here a few fading traditions that I often run into to: Seeing each other for the first time as the bride is walking down the aisle. This tradition is still holding on th

Learning, Relaxing, and Recharging

Wedding photography tends to happen in seasons. From sping to fall we are busy, busy, busy. Our weekends are often spent with our clients, photographing their beautiful weddings and our week days are spent submerged in raw images that need editing. We are so busy, there is never a question about what we should be doing. Eventually, though, the season ends and if you're anything like me you find yourself wondering what exactly you're suppsed to be doing. I thought I would share what I've been up to lately and how important I've come to realize this down time is. One important thing I always do during off season is education. I always ( ALWAYS, ALWAYS) invest in a wedding photography cours

Maine Wedding Trends

I have photographed weddings in several states now and I can honestly say that no where else does it quite like Maine does. ( I still love you and your weddings too, Pennsylvania!)  Brides and wedding vendors seem to really embrace specific Maine Wedding Trends and this Maine Wedding Photographer just LOVES it!  Here are a few of the Maine Wedding Trends that I love and see the most. I'm going to start with the most obvious one in my opinion: lobster.  I have seen lobster incorporated in a number of different ways but it's almost always there. I've seen whole lobsters, lobster rolls, lobster appetizers...even lobster cages during engagement sessions. It's all wonderful and perfectly fitting.

Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

If you're planning a wedding you have probably found yourself asking this question: " Why is wedding photography so expensive? We're just having a small wedding, we don't need a photographer. We'll just have friends do it." I know I did when I was planning my wedding and that's exactly what I did. "Pictures are pictures." I thought. DON'T BE LIKE ME, FRIENDS! I'm going to be real and just say it. I know wedding photography is really expensive. I know it takes up a HUGE portion of your wedding budget. It is SO worth the investment, though! If I could marry my husband again the only thing I would do differently is hire a professional photographer. When you hire a professional photographer yo

Hi, I'm Samantha | Friday Introductions

Hi! I'm Samantha :) I'm a wife, mom, a Maine wedding photographer, and I thought today would be a great day to participate in a social media favorite: Friday Introductions . So just let me start by saying that writing about yourself is incredibly weird. I mean... it is right!? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Andplusalso, how far back am I supposed to go? Is anyone interested in my early tween years when roller skating rocked my word and the sound of my own personal phone line was enough to make my heart flutter? No. Although, I did have my own locker at the skating rink which was a prrrretty big deal in my town... These days Maine wedding photography has filled the spot in my heart

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