Edited Photos Are Meant To NOT Look Edited.

I'm fortunate that this has never happened to me (at least not yet!), but I've heard mutliple stories from my wedding photog friends about it. Here is the scenario: They've just spent countless hours carefully and lovingly sorting through all of their client's wedding photos, editing each one that made the cut, and adding it into a specifically curated photo gallery. They proudly send off the completed gallery, waiting anxiously for a response from their client. They're proud of their work and can't wait for their clients to see! The response email finally comes in and... oh no. Their clients aren't happy. They say, " I have a friend who's a photographer and they said you didn't edit the


How about a little Q + A, friends? I am often asked questions about wedding photography not only by clients and potential clients, but friends as well. Let's tackle some of my most freqeuntly asked questions :) Why is wedding photography so expensive? I hear this A LOT. Thankfully, the answer is an easy one: we pay more for specialists. Specialists focus 100% of their time and energy into one specific field. Because they deal with one area all the time, they are more familiar with all aspects of it than someone who only focuses 10% of their time on it. Say we need someone to take care of our heart. We go to a cardiologist rather than a family doctor, right? Perhaps we have an electrical

Daddy Daughter Dance 2019

I'm really not sure my heart can handle the cuteness from this situation. Last Friday my husband and daughter attended their first daddy daughter dance and it was the SWEETEST thing ever! My daughter had been looking forward to this dance for an entire year. She had seen photos of her cousins attending last year's dance and just couldn't wait for it to be her turn.  Her dress hung, hidden from my husband in her closet for an entire year, friends.  I'm not kidding when I say it was a big deal for my little lady :)  As moms weren't allowed to attend the event I can only share pre-dance photos with you, but in true wedding-photographer-mommy fashion I took as many photos as I could.  Here are a

The SCP Wedding Experience

I bet if you googled wedding photographers in your area you would quickly learn just how many of us there really are. We're everywhere. Our style sets us apart some, but the thing that really makes us different from one another is the experience we offer! Your experience with your photographer should absolutely be an EXPERIENCE, and one you would want to do again. Here is a little bit about what the SCP Wedding Experience is like and what my clients get when they invest in me :) I am not just offering beautiful wedding photos. I am offering my clients an easy, happy, and fun wedding day experience! I spend 8 hours of your wedding day at your side and I promise you will look back at momen

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