Maine Wedding Venues

Last year I was still splitting my time between Maine and Pennsylvania, but I had the pleasure of working at a few Maine Wedding Venues for the first and I wanted to share them with you :) In addition to these beautiful venues I photographed several GORGEOUS backyard weddings as well but, I'm sure my clients wouldn't appreciate me giving out their addresses ;) Camp Takajo This is a dream Maine camp wedding location is ever there was one as far as I'm concerned. It's perfect! It has tall pine trees, camp cabins, a hug deck, canoes, and a beautiful lake that with a very special treat. Occasionally, the river boat The Songo River Queen II passes by! It's wonderful. Camp Takajo Weddings ar

Chasing Your Dreams Is Scary But Always Worth It!

OMGosh, you guys. I just found a blog post I wrote five years ago and it's unbelievable to see where I was then compared to where I'm at now. I needed photography on a professional level. Truthfully and honestly needed it. Have you ever felt that way about your passion in life? I honestly forgot how painful that was for me and how scared I was at the time. Now looking back though, I feel like I've gone far beyond where I thought I would. Our hearts speak to us and tell us exactly what we need. You owe it to yourself to follow it through! Don't be ever be scared to follow your dreams. Here is the blog post. It was titled: My Own Worst Enemy ( SO TRUE.) "I can't tell you how many times ov

Bridal Party Portraits

Bridal party portraits can be stressful, but they don't have to be! I always do my best to make it a fun experience for everyone. Here is how I manage bridal party portraits on wedding days :) Each wedding is different and other poses and combinations definitely always get thrown into the mix as well, but this is my standard routine for each wedding no matter what. I can take all these combinations of photos in roughly 20 minutes, which is a handy skill on a wedding day that is running super behind on schedule. Sometimes we need to scramble and do these in a crazy different order to get them done generally though, this is how it goes: I almost always start with the guys if my timeline allo

Bridal Expo Booth

Yesterday I participated in the Northern Maine Bridal Expo. It was my first bridal expo and it was SO fun! My two main goals for the day were to meet local future brides and to network and meet other local vendors. If you haven't heard, Maine is pretty giant. Weddings happen everywhere, of course, but way up here in The County there just aren't as many local options as there are further south. In fact, I usually have to travel a minimum of 3 hours to photograph weddings! It was so nice to be able to meet local future brides as well as have the opportunity to meet other local vendors. I firmly believe in community over competition and when I moved home from PA I left behind network of

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