Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Are you doing anything special today? I know... it's not a day for everyone. A lot of people just aren't a fan of this love, chocolate, and flower filled day. Me? I'm a big fan. We don't really do anything too extraordinary for this holiday. I pick up little treat hearts full of chocolate candies for the kiddoes, and usually make something special for dinner. A lot of times, that involves pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwiches. They are in no way fancy food, but my husband and I met when he came into a restaurant that I worked at for one of those sandwiches so now they're special to us :) This year I did something extra fun! I made Molly Yeh's cookie cereal for my

Off Season Blogging: I'M STILL HERE!

You guys.... I'm just going to say it; I'm not the best at keeping up with my blogging during off season. I'M STILL HERE THOUGH! If you head over to my social media pages you'll see posts from me nearly every day. So please don't let my lack of current blog posts give you the idea that I'm not busy. I heard someone say once that if you don't update you blog weekly you should turn it off completely because it gives the impression that you aren't a busy wedding photographer. Friends, I promise behind the scenes I am very busy still :) So please stay with me here until this summer when my blog will be updated weekly with happy couples and brand new wedding photos that I can't wait to share wit

Mom Goals and Magazine Publications

Every once in a while accomplishments pop up that you didn't even know you were trying to reach <3 Recently I had some of my work published in Real Maine Weddings magazine. That's always an honor of course, and a business goal in itself, but it came with another surprising life benefit that far outweighs everything else! Here's what happened: I was grocery shopping with my youngest daughter. We were checking out, and she saw the magazine in the rack. She proudly held it up and said, "Mommy, you're in this magazine!!" Yes, baby girl, I am! I realized in that moment the example I'm setting for my kids and you know what? I was so proud of myself. I hope they see me working hard, making my dream

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