Maine Elopement | Sarah & Jared | Presque Isle Maine

Yesterday, Sarah and Jared eloped at their home in Northern Maine. It has really been hard for them getting to this day. I was originally booked for their wedding last fall, but unfortunately due to a personal matter those plans had to be cancelled. So they made plans for an ultimate elopement in Vegas, but then *those* plans had to be cancelled as well due to the coronavirus. It was all so unfair. When they messaged me a little over a week ago and told me about their plans to elope at home and asked if I'd be willing to photograph it. I just couldn't say no. They were SO(!!!) deserving of a special day! So, I grabbed my photography equipment, along with gloves and my (homemade) face mask, a

Alternative Wedding Plans

What a difficult time to be a bride. I really can't even imagine! So many couples are having to cancel their weddings at their dream venues, so I had an idea: Let's take a look at alternative wedding ideas that are super affordable and still can be beautiful! Here's the most important thing to remember now. Just because you have to change your wedding plans, doesn't mean you have to change your marriage plans. Still plan on getting married! Still plan on having it documented! Maybe just plan on having your reception at a later date. Let's address the first issue at hand: travel and group sizes. The easiest option that comes to mind for me is to cut your guest list down to immediate and l

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One things that never fails wedding to wedding, year after year, is that while getting ready something comes up and someone asks, " Does anyone have a ___________!?!?" I hear it EVERY time. I have started carrying some of the commonly asked for items with me in my wedding kit, but I just can't carry everything. I totally would if I could, though! My advice to every bride to be is to put together an emergency kit of your own. Here are some things it could include: Deodorant Sewing Kit Safety Pins Tums Imodium ( I know this is embarrassing but I have seen bridal party members need it!) Tylenol/Aspirin Benadryl Claritin Band aids Tissues Clear Nail Polish A nail polish that compliments bridal

My Grammy, Vera

Yesterday we all gathered to pay respect to our matriarch and to say our final goodbyes. It was so hard but I think all in all, it went just the way she wanted it to. We sat respectfully in her church during the service, but still had some much needed silly moments here and there as we snuck treats before the luncheon or passed candy and silly faces down the church pews... She was the master of sneaky silliness here and there and I know she was laughing up in heaven over our innocent mischievous ways. It's really hard to do justice to her personality if you've never met her. She was stubborn. She was generous. She was tough. She was hysterical. She was a proud Christian. She was an expert

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