A Carb Lover's Day at the Farmers' Market.

My children and I have come to love the Saucon Valley Farmers' Market. We visited for the first time last year and became hooked. Today I was able to visit for the first time with it back at the Water Street Park in Hellertown, Pa. The weather wasn't the nicest for a farmers' market visit today, but I couldn't resist turning in and seeing if some of my favorites had returned this year. Guess what? They did. (WOO HOO!!) I wasn't able to make it to all my favorite tables but I did stop by a couple. One for bread and the other for cake.

I <3 carbs.

Apple Ridge Farm makes my favorite local artisan bread, hands down. I haven't tried one I didn't love. You need to go and check them out.

If not for their amazing breads, for this stuff,

Seriously cancel all your plans next Sunday, go to Hellertown, and buy some bread and Creamy Garlic Breath Dressing.

My next stop just had to be at Warm Sugar's table. Once upon a time I was a cupcake baker myself. I'm always drawn to local cupcake bakers and their delicious and beautiful cupcakes. Not to mention, 2 of my 4 children were with me and they basically demanded. We got there late so there were only 2 cupcakes left. One, had BACON on it. Twist my arm. We carried our goodies over to the crick ( creek? ) and parked down on some rocks to enjoy our cupcakes and the scenery before we left. Bacon cupcakes with a view? Heck yes.

Warm Sugar did not disappoint. I knew they wouldn't, but seriously. This cupcake is the thing dreams are made of.

I can't wait to see what little local treasures we're able to find during our next visit.



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