A Father's Day Gift: His Girls and His Cars.

Anyone who knows Bryan knows three facts about him to be unquestionably true:

He loves his daughters more than anything,

he loves his cars and is an extraordinary mechanic,

and his girlfriend is an amazing woman.

I've known Bryan for several years, his daughters just as long, and his girlfriend, Danni, for a couple years or so now. Before I officially became a photographer I had the absolute pleasure of babysitting his two beautiful daughters for about 5 years. I watched them grow from babies to young ladies getting ready for their first day's of grade school. What a gift that was for me! I love them to the moon and back. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled when I was hired for this shoot,

The photos from this session were a gift to Bryan for Father's Day from Danni. How thoughtful is she!? She paid so much attention to the girl's outfits, shoes, and accessories, ( as well as her own!) and it really shows in the photos. Danni, I applaud you.

FYI, Father's Day also just happens to fall on his birthday. (cough, cough, and MINE :) ) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRYAN! I hope you enjoy these photos and your day.