Giving Back.

There has been a lot of hate in our world lately. Recently, seems to be directed at law enforcement officers. I can't handle that. If my family is in danger, they are the first ones I would call. If I saw someone else in danger, they would be the first ones I would call. If I were in danger, yup, they'd be the first ones I call. Why? Because they make themselves available for just that. They take time away from their families and friends to be available to protect mine.

The increased danger they face today is the reason I chose to give back to them last month. I can't offer more than simply a photo session, but I needed to do something. It was a small gesture but it came from my heart.

I was so happy when three families signed up for photo sessions :) It was so great to meet them! It was an honor for me to say the least. I'm not sure when, but I will for sure be doing this again! Please remember, all lives matter. They really do! It isn't about your occupation, race, religion, and friends. It's about your LIFE. Live it and love the people around you <3

Here are some images from the photo sessions:

Becky & Kyle & Family -