How I Balance My Home and Business .

I am not only a wedding photographer, I'm also a wife and the mother of 4 children. I have no shame in admitting that if I want to be successful at balancing my home and my business I need help. A lot of it.

At home I "outsource" my responsibilities by way of chores. We all do, right? A husband and 4 kids means lots of helping hands! I outsource some of my laundry, some of our dishes, and my sock folding thanks to my 3 year old who absolutely loves that job. (How lucky am I?!?)

Yet for some reason, when it comes to work I try not to outsource much. At least I haven't up until this point. I thought I needed to do it all myself to be successful. I was straight BANANAS for thinking that. The truth is that it takes a village. Both to raise children, and a successful and well known wedding photographer ;)

Yesterday I outsourced my first job and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Sweet Sawyer Photo Co. helped me with my latest marketing material. and I'm so grateful. They are now an important part of my business, my village, and I will for sure be turning to them for help again in the future.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, whether it be with the pile of socks that need folding at the end of your bed or the stack of work that needs to be done for your business, you're not alone. Pick up your phone and find your team. If you can't do it all ( and none of us can ), outsource.

Build your village.


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