Lockridge Park Photo Session: Melissa & Brett

As I was driving to Lockridge Park for Melissa and Brett's photo session they grey skies didn't go unnoticed. "Please don't rain. Please don't rain. Please don't rain." echoed in my mind and if I'm being honest out loud a couple times too. Then the first drops hit my windshield and the closer I got to the park the harder they fell.

Darn it.

I parked my car and waited, hoping the rain would taper off and that Melissa and Brett would be able to get their session in. My email notification went off and as I walked to where they were ready to tell them we could reschedule if they wanted, I look up and see Melissa in rain boots and Brett carrying an umbrella. YES! This was going to be a great photo session.

They decided to document their first year of marriage with a photo session for every season. ( How great of an idea is that!?!?!?!) I was hired to capture "Spring" for them and I am so happy I got the chance. They are such a delightful and fun couple. We laughed and explored the area and they did such a phenomenal job. To me, their photos are the perfect example of a typical spring day in the Northeast.

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