Lockridge Park Engagament Session: Alex & Nicole

It was a perfect spring day when I met Alex, Nicole, and their puppy, Nala at Lockridge Park for their engagement session. It was just cool enough to be comfortable in a hoodie and flip flops ( my favorite temperature ) and the park was buzzing with people and their photographers as usual. The green of the trees around us was popping and there was just enough cloud cover to give us that perfect, soft light. My favorite part of the evening, though, was the time I got to spend getting to know my clients. I learned that Nala will work extra hard and do just what's asked of her in exchange for a piece of carrot. That when I asked them to dance, Alex was able to hum the perfect tune for them to dance along to, and that Nicole looks simply STUNNING in front of my camera and is an absolute joy to photograph. I also had the pleasure of meeting Nicole's mom and I learned that she has an eye for photography and can make a curl stay in place just perfectly ;) I am genuinely so happy to have met these wonderful people and I absolutely can not wait to photograph their wedding next year.

Until then...