CJ Hummels Wedding: Zack & Samantha

Last weekend I was lucky enough to photograph a themed wedding, which is not something I normally do. Not just any themed wedding by the way, but a Harry Potter themed wedding! How fun does that sound!? I just love a little change of pace now and then so I was very much looking forward to this wedding. I had no idea exactly what I was in for, but I knew I was up for the challenge :)

Samantha and Zack first met on a dating app. Then two years ago at the Otakon convention in Baltimore MD, Zack arranged for a photoshoot to capture their Joker and Harley Quinn cosplay costumes. Little did Samantha know, he had actually planned their proposal. ( Awwww!) Samantha had always dreamed of an outside wedding and CJ Hummels' outside wedding area was perfect for her. She wanted their wedding immersed in Harry Potter magic. She got to work "DIY"ing her way to her dream wedding and I would say she nailed it! From the favors to the decor, her efforts were remarkable! They had so many little special touches throughout their day that it really made their wedding perfectly unique to them. They had a "polyjuice potion" (sand ceremony) to incorporate Samantha's 7 year old autistic son. Her bouquet included a blue dragon fly for her grandmother who passed away a year earlier. She also had her grandmother's bracelet and fabric attached to her ring bearer pillow. Just to name a few...

I'm so happy they found me to photograph their special day. I had so much fun working on this wedding. It allowed me to play with fun editing techniques I usually stay away from to surprise Samantha and Zack, and it will go down as a wedding I certainly won't forget!