Bucks County Weddings: Wendy & Jon

The great thing about Bucks County Weddings is that they are almost never the same. With so many locations and cultures, likes and styles, the possibilities seem endless. Wendy and Jon's wedding was as unique to them as possible and every bit the fabulous Doylestown wedding you'd expect. Hops grown by the couple themselves added a little something extra special to so many details throughout the day and night, including the bouquets. Speaking of the bouquets, they included flowers made by Wendy from the pages of the favorite books of her bridal party. Vintage shoes were worn by all the ladies, and special pins by all the guys. Their dog, Dobbs, was dressed in his finest to celebrate. Family even made cookies for the cookie bar <3 Wendy said the theme was books and beer and she couldn't have been more right. We even visited the library nextdoor for a few portraits.

It was a bright, beautiful, and very busy day in Doylestown. The weather really was perfect and the town was full of people enjoying the local annual arts festival. Shortly before 5 pm guests started filling the courtyard of the James A. Michener Art Museum, They took their seats in front of a sculpture and waterfall and listened to the beautiful music from the orchestra as they waited. One by one, Jon's groomsmen and the mayor of Doylestown made their way into the courtyard. Soon after the parents and Jon made their way down the aisle and took to their the assigned places. Bridesmaids entered next, filling the area with bright pops of colors in shades of yellow and orange. The bride's niece and nephew stole everyone's attention as ring bearer and flower girl. Next Wendy, on the arm of her dad, started her way down the aisle to her future husband. The ceremony was short and sweet and within 10 minutes or so, Jon and Wendy were husband and wife.

The cocktail hour offered craft beers and wine, seafood, and other appetizers that were beautiful, sophisticated, and ( judging by the one I was handed) delicious. The talented Jamie Stem performed live acoustic music ( he was amazing) and everyone really seemed to enjoy those couple of hours.

The reception area was inside a room that was almost entirely glass and was beautifully arranged. Pulse Entertainment DJed the evening and got most people up and onto the dance floor. First dances were danced and heartfelt speeches were given. The beautiful cake was cut and bites were fed to and from the bride and groom without ( I'm sure to Wendy's delight) and single speck of frosting leaving the forks ;) When I left guests were dancing the memorable night away <3

Wedding Day Details:

Wedding Dress- David's Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses-

Flowers- Mom's Flower shop

DJ- Pulse entertainment

Cake and Catering- Catering By Design

Venue- James A. Michener Art Museum

Cocktail Hour Music- Jamie Stem