We're Moving!

I've been getting a lot of questions lately that I wanted to address. Now that all of my current clients have been emailed directly I can address them here. There has been A LOT going on behind the scenes here, bringing a pretty huge change to my family and my little photography business. Many of you have noticed that my business listings and website now say Maine. Some of you know that I'm from there. Well, my family recently fell into an opportunity that was too good to pass up and so, we are relocating to Northern Maine late this summer!The cool thing about photography is it's a business I can take anywhere. During this time while I transition my business from here to there, we will be going back and forth quite a bit. From now until November 2018, I will be back and forth frequently,and based both here and there. After November 2018, I will be based solely in Maine. I will be traveling back down here often though and I will of course still be available for weddings down here after 2018 though!

Pennsylvania clients, I adore you and I will always be here for you. You've set my dream in motion. You've made me believe in myself and you've turned me into an entrepreneur. I will always be available for you and your photography needs no matter where I'm based. After next winter it'll just involve and round trip airfare ;)



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