Portland Head Lighthouse Engagement Session: Caitlin & Mike

Last weekend I had the pleasure of FINALLY meeting up with Caitlin and Mike for their engagement session. I say finally because of weather in Maine during the winter and busy schedules it had been rescheduled THREE times before last weekend! I'm pretty sure that's got to be a record ;) When Caitlin suggested her location I immediately googled "Portland Head Lighthouse engagement sessions" and instantly I was over the moon excited. I don't know how it's been there for so long and I've never seen it!

Caitlin and Mike were a dream to work with. They were more than willing to roll with my suggestions, even when I wasn't sure if we could pull them off or not. That location is AMAZING, but it's a little tricky to navigate in fancy clothes and shoes in the winter. They were always willing to go for it though, and they get ALL. THE. GOLD. STARS. because of that. To say I'm excited for their wedding is an understatement :)

This was my first Maine engagement session and my official first steps in the Maine wedding industry and I could not be more proud of the outcome or excited for my future as a Maine wedding photographer <3

Thanks for the opportunity, Caitlin and Mike!!! You guys rock <3

Portland Head Lighthouse Engagement Session

Portland Head Lighthouse Engagement Session