When it rains it pours.

OMGosh, I really can't even begin to describe the day I had today. It was going great, then with one swift slip of my keys it all changed. Now, nothing serious happened and in the end it left my husband and I simply shaking our heads and laughing but it was turned in such a crazy random way that I just have to share.

The day started easily enough with my daughter and I making a trip up to Easton to visit the Bank Street Annex ahead of a wedding I have there next month. Since we were there, I decided to visit the Easton Public Market as I've been wanting to FOREVER. So... we went. We visited the Annex ( AMAZING VENUE) and headed over to the market for a little shopping and lunch. We had our first ever noodle bowls from Mr. Lee's noodles and they were SO GOOD. Really, just drop what you're doing and go there right now. We had their fried chicken ramen and their cucumber, thai basil lemonade.