Poconos Camp Theme Wedding

Tara and Brett have such a sweet love story. Both teachers, who met when Brett hired Tara to work with him teaching kids at a camp. They dated and fell in love in a camp setting so it only made sense that a camp theme wedding would be perfect for them. Their wedding day was a bit rainy, but I doubt that's what anyone remembers when they think back on their beautiful day. There was so much love and emotion from everyone that it was palpable. You could literally feel the emotion in the air.

Once everyone finished getting ready, Tara and Brett met for their first look on the porch of one of the many gorgeous cabins at Trail's End Camp. Tara walked to Brett and tapped him on the shoulder, Brett paused before turning to his bride. Tears flowed freely from that point on. After the first look we walked over to another cabin for s few portraits and something else a little more sneaky ;) You see, Brett planned a surprise for Tara and the staff needed a few minutes to prepare it. After the portraits at the cabin, I pretended that I needed to get one photo that I "missed" real quick back at the previous cabin. We walked back, and that's when Brett surprised Tara with the SWEETEST gift! Back when they were dating, they would spend time on a rocking bench. Well, Brett bought her THAT BENCH and had it delivered hundreds of miles so that he could surprise her with it on their wedding day.

SWOON, amirite?

The rest of the evening was just as emotional and so, so fun. There was a game of flip cup, dancing, was definitely a night to remember.