A Disney Themed Wedding

Before I describe how amazing, fun, and really just super awesome this wedding was, I first have to describe how I ended up being hired for this wedding. My daughter, Kelsie, went to high school with the groom's sister. They went to prom together and all met up at the groom's parent's house. I, as a proud mama, brought my camera and took photos of all the kids for all the parents, I put the photos in a gallery just like I do for my clients and shared it. Soon after I was emailed to and asked to photograph Lenny and Jenn's wedding :) I love how life works sometimes.

OK, now back to the reason for this blog. Their AMAZING WEDDING!

They were married on a super hot day on the 1st of July. I mean, super hot. So hot it had to be moved inside and portraits were done in several short sessions rather than all at once. It was 117 degrees with the heat index and 70% humidity. Did I mention it was super hot? Still, everyone pulled through and at the end of the day Jenn and Lenny definitely had a gorgeous, Disney themed wedding on top of Blue Mountain :) Everything was just so beautiful. All the details went together perfectly. Before the ceremony Jenn shared a first look with her dad, then her and Lenny quietly read their vows to each other, back to back. It was so emotional, there wasn't a dry eye in the place! It was definitely a day i'll always remember.

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