That's a Wrap! My 2018 Wedding Season

Here I sit, just having finished my last wedding blog of the year, reflecting on what an amazing and crazy year it has been. One year ago we announced that we were moving to Maine and everything changed. I spent a lot of the year on the road commuting between Northern Maine and Southeastern Pennsylvania. With more than 20 weddings and more than a dozen engagement sessions between May and November I certainly had my work cut out for me. As I look back today I feel nothing but pride and gratitude. I am so, beyond grateful for every single one of my amazing clients. I say all the time that I am the luckiest wedding photographer in the world because it's very true. I've experienced more this year than any other year in my life. It was without a doubt the hardest year but also my most rewarding professionally.

Pennsylvania, I love you. You are where I started my wedding photography career. You are and will always be the foundation to this business of mine. You brought my dream to life and I will always look back sweetly on my time working there. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Maine, you are home. Living here and working here is a dream come true. I've lived here before and spent a lot of my life here. Yet, these last few months I have seen more of you than I ever have before. I've been to the coastlines, the lakes in the woods and the mountain tops. I've eaten lobster rolls and blueberries, and watched the waves crash beneath lighthouses. I'm so excited for the future of my career here.

Kailey and Josh, Nicole and Alex, Katie and Rob, Monica and Andrew, Tara and Brett, Brianne and Michael, Toneh and Denny, Jazmine and Mark, Jenn and Lenny, Gianna and Addison, Evy and Lawrence, Jenn and Mark, Logan and Mike, Jessica and Chris, Caitlin and Mike, Kylie and Ryan, Nicole and Jason, Maryann and George, Tania and Mike, Annie and Ben, Mia and Corey, and Nikki and Cole... congratulations and your weddings! Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives and for trusting me to photograph you beautiful weddings. Each of you will always be a very important part of this journey I'm on and I will forever be grateful for each of you. Each of you have made me grow professionally and I am a better person because of each of you. Please keep in touch and I wish you all a lifetime of happiness!!! 2019 wedding clients, I'm so excited and will see you again before you know it :)