How To Prepare For An Engagement Photo Session.

We've all been there. Your engagement photo session is coming up and you are scrolling through Pinterest for photos that you love to share with your photographer. Some of the photos you see instantly grab your attention and you think, " That one! That's what I want!" But how do you recreate that? I can tell you one thing for sure, it takes more than simply your photographer's direction. I'm excited to share my experience with you about what works ( and doesn't ) and how you can get those magical, Pinterest pin worthy photos yourself.

1. Of course, it's very important to start with open and thorough communication with your photographer. I always welcome my clients to email or text me ANY time they have a question or concern. I don't only want them to have beautiful photos they'll love forever, I want them to have a great experience working with me as well. Here's the thing, though... I am very upfront with my clients about their expectations. Please know that while it's usually OK to show photo "ideas" to your photographer, a million things go into composing a photo. Your location, outfits, personalities, photographer's style, so on and so on will effect recreating an image. It likely won't be exactly the same as the photo you saw online, but that's OK! It WILL be recreated in a way that is consistent with your photographer's style and that's a good thing because their style is why you chose them in the first place :)

2. Have your hair, nails, and makeup professionally done. It really makes a huge difference! I have noticed something amazing about my clients who've had professional hair and makeup done. They not only look beautiful, they FEEL beautiful. That makes such a HUGE difference in how your photos turn out. Really, it does! When a woman feels beautiful and confident, she shines. Perfectly applied eyelashes and lipstick make for gorgeous and polished photos that I love, but the confidence you will feel will create gorgeous and polished photos YOU will love and are excited to share. P.S. this a great time to use your hair and makeup trails and test out your whole wedding day team!

3. Location and time. It is so important to do your research about where to have your photo session. Don't rely on your photographer to choose for you. You can choose a location that coincides with your destination wedding location, where your proposal happened, or just anywhere you love. Two very important things to keep in mind, though, are crowds and weather. If your location is in a public place that draws crowds you may want to consider an early morning photo session. That way you can avoid the crowds which means you will spend less time avoiding people in the background and will have less of an audience. And that, my friends, is a super important thing to consider if you don't feel comfortable in front of a camera. Also something to consider, does the location offer any type of cover in case of rain? The time of day is also very important. You want to avoid harsh, direct light as much as possible. Typically mornings and evenings are the best times of day.

4. Your outfits. Bringing two to three outfit changes is a really great way to add dimension to your gallery. If you are planning on an outfit change, please make sure you notify your photographer so they can work that time into your session. Your photographer has likely planned your session around the lighting situation and time spent changing could effect that. For the best outcome, one casual outfit and one formal outfit really make such a huge difference. Think pretty, more formal dresses and button down shirts and jackets. It is the easiest, simplest way to take your photos from wow to WOW! Rent the Runway is GREAT for this!

I hope these tips help you accomplish your dreamiest engagement photo dreams :) If you follow them, along with your photographer's direction, I have no doubt you will have swoon worthy engagement photos you will absolutely love forever.

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