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Hi! I'm Samantha :) I'm a wife, mom, a Maine wedding photographer, and I thought today would be a great day to participate in a social media favorite: Friday Introductions .

So just let me start by saying that writing about yourself is incredibly weird. I mean... it is right!? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Andplusalso, how far back am I supposed to go? Is anyone interested in my early tween years when roller skating rocked my word and the sound of my own personal phone line was enough to make my heart flutter? No. Although, I did have my own locker at the skating rink which was a prrrretty big deal in my town...

These days Maine wedding photography has filled the spot in my heart skating and my phone line used to fill. It is exactly what I was meant to do with my life and the last thing I ever expected to love. It really did choose me. I'm an introverted woman with social anxiety 90 percent of the time if you can believe that. My home is my happy place. Generally I'm awkward with conversation and tend to lean more on the quiet, reserved side. Until I'm holding my camera on a wedding day, that is. Isn't it weird how our passions in life guide us! It's like my camera is my missing piece and when it's in my hand conversations flow easily and there's no social anxiety at all. It's pretty rad.

I am a wife and my husband, Brad, is so great. We've been together for 13 years and married for 10 years. He's the exact opposite of me. He's extroverted and a social butterfly. He works as my second shooter occasionally and I absolutely love when he's working with me! I am the mom of four really great kids too, ages 19 all the way down to 5. Kelsie is my oldest and a lot you have or will meet her as she is my second shooter most of the time these days. Then there is Darren, Eric, and our little Dottie Sue, who's almost 6 and not so little anymore . My cup runneth over, y'all <3

We all are huge animal lovers. We have 3 pets: 2 cats and a dog. A giant dog named Grizzly. He's a rottweiler and is as stubborn as they come. Then there's our grumpy cat, Vegas. She's a ragdoll Persian mix and she looks mad all. the. time. even though I'm sure she isn't. Well, at least I HOPE she isn't! Then our newest baby, Wednesday. She's our black kitten that we rescued in October so a Halloween name was just necessary. I hope Wednesday Adams doesn't mind ;)

Bonus random fun fact: I love cooking shows and random food trends. (If they could come up with some amazing and low carb ones that would be super.) When I was a child on Saturday morning I would watch cooking shows instead of cartoons. I still remember the day I found the Food Network ( best. day. ever. ) and to this day that is still my go to channel. Way back when cupcakes where all the rage I even had my own cupcake business.

I think I'll just end it with this. For the most part, outside of my personal life of course, being a Maine wedding photographer really is the most interesting aspect of my life. I really do make a mean cupcake though ;)

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