Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

If you're planning a wedding you have probably found yourself asking this question:

" Why is wedding photography so expensive? We're just having a small wedding, we don't need a photographer. We'll just have friends do it."

I know I did when I was planning my wedding and that's exactly what I did. "Pictures are pictures." I thought.


I'm going to be real and just say it. I know wedding photography is really expensive. I know it takes up a HUGE portion of your wedding budget. It is SO worth the investment, though! If I could marry my husband again the only thing I would do differently is hire a professional photographer.

When you hire a professional photographer you are investing in more than a just a "picture taker". You are investing in someone with not only professional equipment, but someone with the training to actually control how their equipment works. You are hiring someone who has the education and experience to handle any situation a wedding day could throw your way. What if it suddenly rains out of no where, vendors show up late, your ceremony runs long, and you only end up with 10 minutes for portraits instead of an hour? Professionals know how to work with those ten minutes and still get you tons of beautiful portraits in that time. We can make any location look like a high end venue. We spend hours and hours editing your images because our hearts are in it. We don't just add filters to your images through some free software we downloaded. When you invest in a professional, we are with you all day in genuinely invested in you as well <3