Maine Wedding Trends

I have photographed weddings in several states now and I can honestly say that no where else does it quite like Maine does. ( I still love you and your weddings too, Pennsylvania!)  Brides and wedding vendors seem to really embrace specific Maine Wedding Trends and this Maine Wedding Photographer just LOVES it!  Here are a few of the Maine Wedding Trends that I love and see the most.

Maine Wedding Photographer

I'm going to start with the most obvious one in my opinion: lobster.  I have seen lobster incorporated in a number of different ways but it's almost always there. I've seen whole lobsters, lobster rolls, lobster appetizers...even lobster cages during engagement sessions. It's all wonderful and perfectly fitting.  Plus, it really makes your guests feel like they're really having that classic Maine experience which as far as I'm concerned is just priceless.

Maine wedding photographer

Camp Weddings are another one I see often.  We have so many beautiful campgrounds and fortunately, most of them are available for event rental.  Lakeside Maine camps have a very special place in my heart and while the rocky coastlines and lighthouses offer additional dreamy and perfect wedding backdrops, the camps just speak to my heart. 

Maine wedding photographer

Maine wedding photographer

Maine wedding photographer

 No wedding cakes!  This is a big one locally that surprised me at first. More and more I am seeing my clients ditch those wedding cakes in exchange for milk and cookies.  How cute is that though!? It's a "sweet" ( see what I did there) trend that I really enjoy.

Maine wedding photographer

Blueberry beer.  Every single Maine Wedding I photographed with an open bar last year had Sea Dog Blueberry ale as one of their signature drinks. So much so, that for Thanksgiving this year I actually had it on my menu at home as well because I HAD to try it finally after seeing it so much, lol. (It's delicious, btw.)

Maine wedding photogapher

Whoopie Pies.  I see them all the time at weddings as wedding favors and I love it for a couple reasons.  First, I just moved back to Maine from Pennsylvania last year.  You may not have heard, but there is a great controversy surrounding the amazing whoppie pie and where it originated. Mainers swear it started with them while Pennsylvanians are sure it started within their beloved Amish neighbor's kitchens. I've never been able to tell a difference between PA or ME whoopie pies and I have no idea why I even know this little bit of whoopie pie trivia, but there you have it.  Every time I see them I think of this and it makes me smile.  The second reason I love them is that they are just so darn cute and delicious! 

Maine wedding photographer

No bouquet or garter toss for Maine bride either, friends.  This is a trend that is quickly dying out it seems.  None of my Maine Wedding clients did either of these wedding traditions last year.  Some opted to wear garters just as their something borrowed or blue but they did not have them removed during the reception.  Same with bouquet tosses.  Instead of tossing them over their heads to the tune of Single Ladies, they opted to decorate their sweetheart tables with their bouquets and some even gifted them to friends or family at the end of the night. 

These are just a few examples of the Maine Wedding Trends that I have seen recently.  I can't wait to see what I see this year!  

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