Learning, Relaxing, and Recharging

Wedding photography tends to happen in seasons. From sping to fall we are busy, busy, busy. Our weekends are often spent with our clients, photographing their beautiful weddings and our week days are spent submerged in raw images that need editing. We are so busy, there is never a question about what we should be doing. Eventually, though, the season ends and if you're anything like me you find yourself wondering what exactly you're suppsed to be doing. I thought I would share what I've been up to lately and how important I've come to realize this down time is.

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One important thing I always do during off season is education. I always ( ALWAYS, ALWAYS) invest in a wedding photography course and spend winter completing it. No matter how many weddings I have photographed there will always be more that I can learn, and ways to better improve. I am actually listening to the latest KJ All Access for a second time right now as I type this.

I relax. I am not lying, you guys, this is by far the hardest thing for me and possibly the most important. I always have a million ideas and to do lists running through my head. Quieting all that down is SO tough but so important and here's why. Last November I was exhausted. REALLY exhausted. I just felt drained all the time and overwhelmed often. Fast forward to now and I feel so much better. Not just better, recharged. I'm excited for my season to start this year! I can't wait for my next wedding and that's so refreshing! I missed this excitement.

maine wedding photographer

I plan. I have all of my weddings mapped out for this year. I am now familiar with every single venue and location I am visiting this year. Now obviously everything is just a rough plan and definitely more penciled in than pen, but it helps! When you can thoroughly research every wedding without the stress of an approaching deadline it somehow resonates better. At least for me anyways...

Everything you do during off season is just as important as what you do during "on" season. Even the down time when you're literally doing nothing. It's in those moments that you realize you miss the crazy pace and remember why you loved it so much in the first place :)

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