How about a little Q + A, friends? I am often asked questions about wedding photography not only by clients and potential clients, but friends as well. Let's tackle some of my most freqeuntly asked questions :)

Maine Wedding Photographer

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

I hear this A LOT. Thankfully, the answer is an easy one: we pay more for specialists. Specialists focus 100% of their time and energy into one specific field. Because they deal with one area all the time, they are more familiar with all aspects of it than someone who only focuses 10% of their time on it. Say we need someone to take care of our heart. We go to a cardiologist rather than a family doctor, right? Perhaps we have an electrical issue that needs fixing. We need to call an electrician and not a general contractor. Maybe you're shopping for a wedding dress. You could go to a department store and find a beautiful gown there, but you won't find the same quality you would find in a bridal shop.

I am a wedding photographer. I don't do family portraits, newborn sessions, cake smashes, etc. I specialize in wedding photography. Because I have spent so much time working specifically with weddings, I could easily jump in and coordinate the entire day as well as photograph it. Now, that wouldn't be ideal at all but I could do it and do it well. As a specialist in this field, I can ( and have ) gracefully handled almost anything a wedding day could throw our way. There is SO MUCH value in that!

How far in advance should you book your photographer?

You should book your photographer immediately after booking your venue. Ideally, 12-18 months in advance.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. To officially reserve me for your wedding day I require a (digitally) signed contract and a deposit of 20% of your package price.

Do you travel?

Yes! Traveling all over the world, photographing weddings is a dream come true. Travel within Maine and New Hampshire is included in my Gold and Platinum packages. My Jet Setter Package includes everything my most popular package does, but also includes all travel fees to cover me traveling anywhere to you not once but TWICE!

Maine Wedding Photographer

Can you add more hours to your photography packages?

Absolutely! I would love to spend as much time as possible with you on your wedding day,

How long will it take for your wedding photos to be delivered?

I do my very best to deliver galleries within 3 weeks. Sometimes depending on the time of year that may be a little longer.

Do you offer USBs, prints, or albums?

I do not. I deliver all images via a high resolution, password protected online gallery. I keep galleries up for a year and you are welcome to download your images as often as you would like to as many devices as you would like. After your year is up, I keep all images backed up in three seperate places so that I can ALWAYS replace any lost files.

Do you have insurance?

You betcha!

I think that about covers all of it :) If you think of any other questions at all i'd love to hear from you! Email me at and we'll chat!

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