Bridal Party Portraits

Bridal party portraits can be stressful, but they don't have to be! I always do my best to make it a fun experience for everyone. Here is how I manage bridal party portraits on wedding days :) Each wedding is different and other poses and combinations definitely always get thrown into the mix as well, but this is my standard routine for each wedding no matter what. I can take all these combinations of photos in roughly 20 minutes, which is a handy skill on a wedding day that is running super behind on schedule. Sometimes we need to scramble and do these in a crazy different order to get them done generally though, this is how it goes:

I almost always start with the guys if my timeline allows for it and I do this for two main reasons:

1: They don't love being photographed and want to get it over with.

2: Drinking happens, especially with the groomsmen. Earlier is just usually better ;)

I start with your classic pose. I usually refer to the Mighty Ducks right about now...

Then I tell them to think GQ and don't smile. Model face, everyone!

Then the jackets are unbuttoned, and hands go in the pockets.

Then I will ask them to all come in and give their buddy a hug on his wedding day. It almost always gets interesting at this point ;)

Then, I have them walk. I love these photos!! It creates just the right amount of movement in the photo. I also give them a little suggestion to spark some laughter ;)

Sometimes guys even make fun requests of their own!

Then we do individual photos with the groom and a groomsmen and then it's the ladies turn!

We basically run through the whole process the same way with the ladies, just with a little variation. We start with your traditional pose.

Model faces!! Who doesn't love adding a little sass into their day ;)

Then I'll have all the ladies alternate their bouquets for another fun shot of the group...

and have them lean in nice and close for a fun, more casual portrait.

Then I say, " Now everyone look at the bride!"

And next I'll photograph just the bouquets so they can give their cheeks a break from all the smiling ;)

Then my personal favorite, the walking and laughing shot!

Then individuals of the bride and her bridesmaids.

Then it's time for the entire bridal party! As always, we start with your traditional pose.

Then we mix it up a little bit. Half of the bridesmaids go to the groom's side and half of the groomsmen go to the bride's side, and everyone links arms or rests their elbow on the shoulder of the person in front of them... we have fun with it!

We have to have a fun shot with the happy couple kissing!

Then we walk and laugh :)

Usually at this point we finish off the group shots and I head off with the just the bride and groom for their portraits :)

I know this looks like a lot of bridal party portraits, and it is, but it takes NO time to get all these! And, this combination results in hundreds if you can believe it. So while I know this isn't the highlight of the day by any means, it for sure doesn't have to be the worst! Just go with the flow, trust the photographer, follow their direction, and everything will turn out perfectly <3

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