New Hampshire Wedding | Sarah & Rob

At this time yesterday I was in New Hampshire helping Sarah and Rob document their beautiful wedding day.  Can I just tell you, it was perfect.  Really, really, perfect. I have to just back up for a second and say that Sarah and Rob are just the sweetest couple.  They carry this calm presence about them, even if that's not what they're actually feeling inside, and it's just very easy to be around them! Rob is such a gentlemen and really makes sure Sarah is taken care of.  He even went so far as to arrange her train for her during portraits! It was definitely the first time I've seen a groom do that but I hope it's not the last.  It was SO sweet!

The day started off at Three Chimney's Inn in New Hampshire. The Inn is very old and is just dripping with charm everywhere your eyes happen upon.  It's such beautiful setting. When I arrived, Rob and his groomsmen were all ready and were just heading out.  Sarah's dad found me and helped me find my way upstairs to Sarah's room, where her and her bridesmaids were waiting to get ready. It seemed to happen in a flash and before I knew it, everyone was all ready and it was time to leave for the church.  The bridesmaids wore David's Bridal bridesmaid dresses in Pacific Blue, and Sarah's wedding gown was designed by the one and only Stella York.  

Almost every detail chosen for the day had sentimental significance to the bride and groom. Sarah wore her grandmother's aquamarine ring, which just so happens to be Rob's birthstone.  She wore pearl and aquamarine earrings, her and Rob's birthstones together.  Sarah's veil was her something borrowed, lent to her from her sister in law.  Even her bouquet contained sprigs of rosemary to honor her grandmother, Rosemary, and Irises, Rob's grandmother's favorite flower. The reception tables were each named after races that Sarah and Rob ran together, and their wedding cake was one giant whoppie pie baked by the baker who sponsored the race they ran together where Rob proposed (with his grandmother's ring).  They were fortunate enough to stumble upon the speech read at Sarah's great grandparent's wedding 100 years ago, so even that was included in the speech delivered by Sarah's dad! Speaking of Sarah's dad, he drove them around in his 1934 Ford all day. How amazing is all of that!? I'm sure there are more details that I may be forgetting, and I apologize of I am. It was all so great and no detail was left behind. 

Everything was so perfectly put together to make it truly their special day. 


Three Chimney's Inn

Haverhill Florist

Betty Reez

Stella York

David's Bridal