Light and Airy Lightroom Presets by ME!

 I'm SO excited about this!  I am often asked about my editing secrets and techniques so I've decided to create several  light and airy lightroom presets just for you! So many situations can change photo lighting and color from second to second, let alone wedding to wedding! That's why I call these presets primers.  Even though they may need to be adjusted a bit from wedding to wedding, they are the perfect base to all of your editing needs!  You guys, they're SUBTLE. No instagram looking filters here, friends.

These are perfect for all portraits too, not just weddings! I use these techniques every time, for everything I photograph.  Engagement sessions, family portraits, landscape photos... you name it!  

All of my wedding day editing secrets are bundled up here in these 17 Lightroom preset primers just for you. I really, really love these. I have created these preset primers from the editing techniques that I use for my photography business and all of my client's wedding photos.  They are just the perfect editing base! I use them for each photo to keep my style consistent, while making minor adjustments as needed.  From details to portraits and even those moments once the dance floor opens up, these preset primers will give you just the start you need no matter what the day throws your way. 

This bundle includes light and airy lightroom preset primers for the following situations:

Getting Ready Primer | Cool Toned Room

Getting Ready Primer | Warm Toned Room

Bridal Details Primer | Bright Natural Light

Bridal Details Primer | Dark Room

Bridal Details Primer | Inside Yellow Lighting

Bridal Portraits Primer | Cloudy Day

Bridal Portraits Primer | Fog

Bridal Portraits Primer | Inside 

Bridal Portraits Primer | Just After Sunset

Bridal Portraits Primer | Bright Sun

Bridal Portraits Primer | Shade

Reception Details | Bright Natural Light

Reception Details | Barn and Cabin

Reception Dancing | Bright High Contrast

Reception Dancing | Dark High Contrast

Reception Dancing | Bright Matte

Reception Dancing | Dark Matte

AND THEY'RE ONLY $10!!!  Grab yours here!

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