Tipping Your Wedding Photographer

I'm feeling like I should tip toe around this subject for some season. Maybe it's because not everyone tips their wedding photographers and that's OK! Not everyone knows if you should or if it's a thing others are doing, especially with wedding photography being such an investment as it is. So I guess I'll just cut to the chase.

It absolutely isn't expected at all but yes, some people do tip their wedding photographers.

I feel the need to say that I never ever expect a tip and I never ever leave feeling disappointed when I don't receive one. I'm always just so grateful to be there to begin with! But it is always such a nice treat when it happens.

The Knot offers a Wedding Vendor Tipping Cheat Sheet and it is full of all kinds of really great suggestions. When it comes to your weddings photographer, they appear to agree with me that it's not at all expected or necessary but they say that if your photographer doesn't own a studio, a tip or gift could be considered.

I remember when I got to a place in my career where my clients started giving me tips. My first tip was large enough for me to buy myself a Coach purse. It was a from a Coach outlet store and it was 70% off, but still! I literally wanted a designer purse my entire adult life but as a mom and wife it just wasn't a luxury I could afford. But that day, thanks to my sweet clients and their generous tip, they made one of my dreams come true and I got my purse. I'm afraid to use it because I just had to have a pearl white one and I once spilled coffee inside of it, but I still have it and that's all that matters ;)

So ultimately, whether you decide to tip your wedding photographer is completely up to you. It is in no way expected, but I can for sure say that it's always appreciated.

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