Houlton Maine Engagement Session | Makala & Austin

I'll never stop loving those times when I get to work in my own town. 99% of the time I travel a minimum of 3 hours to meet up with my clients but not this time! This time I just drove 15 minutes down the road to Houlton, Maine for Makala and Austin's engagement session.

Houlton is a very special place to me. It's where I've always considered home, even though most of my growing up happened in Pennsylvania. My heart was always here. Austin is my cousin and as soon as he and Makala became engaged I crossed my fingers AND toes that they would consider hiring me to be their wedding photographer. Thankfully they did! They are the sweetest couple and have been together for so long... it's been so great watching them grow together from a distance.

We started our engagement session at the walking bridge in Houlton. I'm not entirely sure that's the correct name for it but that's what my daughter always calls it so I'm going with it ;) What they didn't know, was that I was trying to kill a little time because I had a special surprise planned for them but it wouldn't be ready for an hour or so. So we chatted a bit and I moved a little slower than usual, checking my phone for the time here and there. When it was just about time, we headed up into Market Square.

As soon as Makala told me where she would like to have her engagement session done I reached out to Temple Cinema and asked for their help. They agreed and I was SOOOO excited! As we entered market square I spilled the beans: they had their very own marquee for their engagement session <3 It was so fun! After we finished up in town we headed into Monticello to do our very best with what was left of the sunflower field. You guys, I'm not mad at the end results AT ALL. In fact, I love them a whole lot! I'm SO glad we went out there!

Makala and Austin, you two are such a dream to work with and I absolutely can not wait for you wedding day.