A Few Favorites From 2019 | Maine Wedding Photographer

This is my first year doing this kind of post and I'm SOOO excited! I think the reason I never thought about it before was because I just genuinely love my job so much.  I have so many favorite moments I felt like this one blog post would just be so giant. But, I think I can narrow it down to a few ;) 

Heirloom Items

Sarah and Rob's wedding day was a great example of this! Almost every detail chosen for their day had sentimental significance to them. Sarah wore her grandmother's aquamarine ring, which just so happens to be Rob's birthstone.  She wore pearl and aquamarine earrings, her and Rob's birthstones together.  Sarah's veil was her something borrowed, lent to her from her sister in law.  Even her bouquet contained sprigs of rosemary to honor her grandmother, Rosemary, and Irises, Rob's grandmother's favorite flower. The reception tables were each named after races that Sarah and Rob ran together, and their wedding cake was one giant whoppie pie baked by the baker who sponsored the race they ran together where Rob proposed (with his grandmother's ring).  They were fortunate enough to stumble upon the speech read at Sarah's great grandparent's wedding 100 years ago, so even that was included in the speech delivered by Sarah's dad! Speaking of Sarah's dad, he drove them around in his 1934 Ford all day. How amazing is all of that!? I'm sure there are more details that I may be forgetting, and I apologize of I am. It was all so great and no detail was left behind. 

 Amazing Views

One of the things I love about being a Maine wedding photographer is the amazing venues I get to work at.  Each one is special and unique in it's own way, but they all have one thing in common:  Amazing views.  Whether it's a view of the ocean or view of's always beautiful.  Jess and Craig's Point Lookout Wedding provided my favorite view of the year though.  You could see everything!! It was truly spectacular. 

Camps In The Woods

These venues hold a special place in my heart.  Growing up a lot of my summers were spent lakeside at a cabin in the woods. There is just something so special about a Maine camp setting, and obviously it's extra special when there's a wedding happening.   Sarah and Kyle and Christina and Gabe were married at camps in the woods and they all had such wonderful weddings!! I'm not sure I can properly justify it if you haven't experience time at camp up here.  There's just no better place to be <3 

Rustic Venues and Sweet Couples

I'm a sucker for anything rustic. A wedding in a barn is a dream for me.  I leave each wedding at a barn venue inspired and with a need to redecorate my house.  No kidding, it happens every. single. time. Becky and Duncan's wedding was the perfect example of this!  Their wedding was one of my favorite experiences from the year not just because of the venue, but because they are just such a sweet couple.  Every moment spent with them was warm and welcoming and just wonderful.

New Golf Course Venues

Golf courses are classic wedding venues and I love when I get to visit new ones.  Not just because of the venue itself, but because of the wedding team that works them!  Generally they have on site coordinators and I've always had the best experiences with them them.  Now, they can be a little tricky to work at because you have to work around golfers on the course, but that's easy enough to navigate :)  I always love working at new places and meeting new wedding professionals and golf course weddings are the perfect opportunity for that to happen.  Emily and Greg and Katie and Josh's weddings were both at great golf courses!

 Sand Beach

Visiting Sand Island in Acadia National Park for the first time is definitely at the top of my favorites from last year.  It is such a beautiful place!  It's one of those locations that is picture perfect and is just somewhere you have to go at least once in your life.   I'm so grateful for Sandra and Eric  bringing me there for the first time!!

 Trolley Rides

Have you ever been on a trolley?  I hadn't before Maggie and Zac's wedding.  I have to say, though, the trolley isn't what made this experience special for me.  It was absolutely the group riding on the trolley with me.  There was singing, dancing, a warm summer breeze off the ocean.... all really awesome things that made it a moment I won't soon forget.  

Small Venues

I'm a big fan of small and unique venues.  I  love venues that feel more intimate and offer a slightly different feel than the larger venues. Ally and Quinn's wedding at the Dockside Restaurant was a great example of this!  It was a beautiful wedding, tucked alongside York Harbor and it was so.... easy.  I feel like there is a better term for what I'm meaning but that's what's coming to mind.  Their wedding felt for carefree and relaxed.  It was beautiful and really and truly enjoyable.  

Unique Touches

My very, very, very favorite thing about weddings are the unique touches my clients put together to make their day special and the perfect reflection of them.  Amelia and David and Tony and Kalen's wedding days were perfect examples of this. From arbors handmade out of driftwood they collected themselves to horse skull guestbooks., it's SO important to make your wedding day a reflection of yourselves.  These are just a couple of my favorite unique touches from last year.

Meeting Next Year's SCP Couples!

This is always one of my favorite parts of the year.  Meeting all the SCP Couples for the following year :)  They are all SO wonderful and I absolutely can't wait to see what our time together next year brings.