Mom Goals and Magazine Publications

Every once in a while accomplishments pop up that you didn't even know you were trying to reach <3

Recently I had some of my work published in Real Maine Weddings magazine. That's always an honor of course, and a business goal in itself, but it came with another surprising life benefit that far outweighs everything else!

Here's what happened:

I was grocery shopping with my youngest daughter. We were checking out, and she saw the magazine in the rack. She proudly held it up and said, "Mommy, you're in this magazine!!"

Yes, baby girl, I am!

I realized in that moment the example I'm setting for my kids and you know what? I was so proud of myself. I hope they see me working hard, making my dreams come true, and KNOW they can do the same.

Friends, I hope the same for you too ❤

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