Wedding Day Emergency Kit

One things that never fails wedding to wedding, year after year, is that while getting ready something comes up and someone asks,

" Does anyone have a ___________!?!?"

I hear it EVERY time. I have started carrying some of the commonly asked for items with me in my wedding kit, but I just can't carry everything. I totally would if I could, though! My advice to every bride to be is to put together an emergency kit of your own.

Here are some things it could include:


Sewing Kit

Safety Pins


Imodium ( I know this is embarrassing but I have seen bridal party members need it!)




Band aids


Clear Nail Polish

A nail polish that compliments bridal party dresses ( I can't tell you how many times bridesmaids have changed shoes last minute and needed to paint their toe nails. )

Hair spray

Dry shampoo

Lip gloss


Tampons, pads, and liners

Clear elastic hair ties

Bobby pins


Tide/Shout stick

Cliff bars or other meal bar

Having these items in the bridal suite is so handy while getting ready, but don't forget! Make sure you move the kit into the reception area so it's easily accessible for the remainder of the night ;)

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