Alternative Wedding Plans

What a difficult time to be a bride. I really can't even imagine! So many couples are having to cancel their weddings at their dream venues, so I had an idea:

Let's take a look at alternative wedding ideas that are super affordable and still can be beautiful!

Here's the most important thing to remember now. Just because you have to change your wedding plans, doesn't mean you have to change your marriage plans. Still plan on getting married! Still plan on having it documented! Maybe just plan on having your reception at a later date.

Let's address the first issue at hand: travel and group sizes. The easiest option that comes to mind for me is to cut your guest list down to immediate and local family only. Then, you can have several people who are willing broadcast your wedding live on Facebook for everyone else to view! Normally that wouldn't be the best option, but currently it's seems pretty great to me. Not only is it an easy way to include literally everyone from a distance, it's free.

To make your wedding day interactions with specific people more personal, Face Time them! I've actually seen this a lot and it's always so sweet to have to little moment.

You can still have your first dance and cake moments this way too! Pick up a smaller cake from the grocery store or have a family member make one for you, and include that in your Facebook live immediately following your ceremony. Then have someone play the song your chose from their phone and dance your first dance together.

Even in this unusual manner the sentiment still counts, friends.