Maine Wedding Photographer | Travel Changes

I really miss daydreaming about my upcoming travels to Portland Old Port and all the shopping and favorite restaurants that entails.

Do you ever find yourself feeling that way now?

I was supposed to be heading down there in two weeks with my 7 year old daughter for a little girl's trip. She was going to go to her first concert ( JoJo Siwa ) and then I was going to take her to all the stores I ALWAYS visit when I'm there.

We were going to go to The Holy Donut , of course. Then we'd go to the The Blue Lobster and Old Port Card Works. I *ALWAYS* stop there and buy these funny pot holders they have. Then we'd walk down to Maine's Pantry for some of the candy that looks like rocks that I always bring home to my kids, and for a little piece of fudge to share as we sit outside and people watch. If we were lucky, we'd be able to shop directly from some artists that have set up shop right on the sidewalk. We'd probably head over to the mall to get me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet to commemorate the trip. My first charm and last charm we're purchased there <3 Then we'd head over to CIA Cafe and she'd get a grilled cheese and I'd get a grilled vermainer on swirl bread and an iced latte and we'd shop from their selection of items made by local artists and head back home.

When I find myself getting sad about having to cancel those plans, I remind myself that they don't actually have to be cancelled...just postponed!

It's OK to still daydream about all those experiences! I just have to take the time stamp off of them. We WILL be able to travel and enjoy places like we once did again.