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Let's chat about real life.

If you're a wedding photographer or a bride looking for a photographer, I'm sure you've seen tons of perfectly curated images of us. You've seen image of us with styled hair and makeup on, in outfits and settings that just so happen to coordinate with our brand...

am i right?

That, my friends, is not real life! Real life is when you've been working at your desk, dining table, or bed every single day trying so hard to grow and do more. Real life right now is having to stop what you're doing to help your son with his Zoom class meeting and make your daughter lunch.

It looks like leggings and AC/DC t shirts.

It looks like air dried hair with no product in it.

It looks like your face without a speck of makeup.

Real life doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to work for you <3 And right now especially, there's a good chance it looks WAY different than how you may advertise.

There is NO shame in that!

WHY? Because I'm making magic happen over here. I'm working hard on my business and maintaining my family life and whatever I'm wearing during the process just simply won't matter at the end of the day

Maine Wedding Photographer

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