Breakwater Inn & Spa Wedding | Taylor & Brady | Kennebunkport, ME

My goodness... what a wedding this was.

Last Saturday we headed down to Kennebunkport to the Breakwater Inn & Spa for Taylor and Brady's wedding day. Immediately upon our arrival we were taken back by the beauty of the venue grounds. It was so incredibly charming with rocky shoreline, water, and all the boats just beyond the lush greenery bordering the lawn. Not to mention the weather couldn't have been more perfect! The first person to greet us was Mr. Crowley, Taylor's dad. He was so kind and very busy helping to make sure everything was just right. Later I found out that he was actually very involved with a lot of the crafting and planning of the day, making the cutest little buoy place cards and so many other details.

I hadn't met Taylor or Brady prior to their wedding day so I was super excited to meet them in person finally. Taylor was always so sweet in her emails, and was even more sweet in person! ( Andplusalso, she's incredibly beautiful.) Soon after our arrival my team and I split up, me hanging out with the ladies while Jessie went to photograph the groomsmen. I got to work photographing all of the details, all of which were so classy! Everyone was so happy and relaxed, and so helpful too. Taylor's bridesmaids helped me move furniture around, and with anything else I needed and it was so nice of them. Before long the guys were ready, Jessie was back with me in the cottage, and it was time for Taylor to get ready. As expected, she was stunning in her gown.

We headed over to the ceremony location as guests were grabbing drinks and taking their seats. Soon Brady and his groomsmen made their to the altar as cheers from passersby out on their boats started ringing out. Family members, two flower guys, and five bridesmaids found their way down the aisle next, followed by Taylor and her dad. Her dad's eyes filled with tears while Brady's eyes filled with love and admiration. It was such a sweet moment! Their ceremony was filled with laughter, reflection, and prayer, and as their officiant said, " Taylor, you may kiss your husband!" a boat out of the water laid on their horn in celebration. It was amazing!

The moments immediately after the ceremony were very, very busy and a bit of a blur if I'm being honest! They often are, though. It may just be the busiest time of the wedding day with guests congratulating the happy couple, trying to find members for family portraits, trying to photograph the bridal party, and all of that stuff. I know couples often feel pulled between their photographer and portraits when really they just want to be with their guests, but Taylor and Brady were such good sports about it. We took a ton of portraits in a very short amount of time and got them back to their party as quickly as we could.

Speaking of their party, it was next (!) level (!). I will try and explain it the best I can, but I've never experienced a reception like this and I've been to a lot of really amazing ones. So, when I first saw that there was live music I was like, " oh fun! " and that was that...

and then the ensemble started playing.

Magnetic is the word that most comes to mind. Between the incredible talent of the entire ensemble and they way they all moved together you needed to head to the dance floor. Even if you didn't dance you needed to be there to watch. Everyone was out of their seats. That dance floor was as full as it could be from the moment they started playing until they stopped. It was an amazing day, and a wedding I will never forget.

Congratulations, Taylor and Brady! Here are some of my favorites from their day: