Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day <3

Today feels more important to me this year. There is a whole lot happening in country right now and I hope that this holiday of ours can bring us some sense of unity today.

*** We are one nation...

Can we remember that from today until next July 4th? I have adult children, and teenage child, and this young lady right here growing up in America right now. Today we are a far different country than we were when my adult children a were growing up and even when my teenager was born. I'm afraid for the country we'll be when my baby girl is an adult.

*** Under God... Try to remember to love your neighbor today. Don't judge them; no matter what career they have, politics they believe, or color they are.

*** Indivisible...

I want this to be true. I want believe we can be a united nation again.

*** With liberty and justice for all.

With liberty and justice for all...

Remember this pledge so many of us recited day after day as we were growing up? We should be united now not despite our differences, but because of them. It is time to come together and heal as a nation. We are not all the same. We're not all good and we're not all bad. We don't all need to believe the same things, and we don't need to live in a world where everyone believes exactly as we do.

We just need to lead with kindness. It's not that hard.