Harbor View Wedding | Michaela & Hakim | Peak's Island, Me

Last Saturday I headed down to Portland for Michaela and Hakim's gorgeous Harbor View wedding on Peak's Island. What a fun day!!

I first heard from Michaela back in November of 2019. They had originally planned on getting married in August 2020 but like so many, they found themselves having to postpone because of Covid. Not only did they have to deal with the stress of changing all their wedding plans, Michaela is a nurse and her and Hakim live in New York. I can't even begin to imagine the pressure they felt last year, and I'm just so happy they were finally able to have the day the dreamed of.

When I arrived, the two rooms they had booked for this part of the day were perfect examples of Michaela and Hakim's individual personalities. At least from my experience working with them ;) When I walked into the hotel room where the ladies were getting ready it resembled most other rooms I've seen: bouquets, bags, mimosas, hair stuff, and makeup pretty much every where you turn. Perfectly normal! When I walked into the hotel room where the gentlemen were getting ready, however, it did not resemble most other rooms I've seen: whiskey bottles precisely lined up, ties carefully spaced out, suit jackets draped on the back of chairs, and not a single bit of luggage or random stuff anywhere. Everything was picture perfect and essentially spotless!

Soon it was time to head over to Peak's Island. If you aren't familiar with the area you need to take a boat or the ferry across. The groomsmen headed over first, then the ladies followed along. Except we got to head over in Michaela's grandfather's boat! SO fun!!

Immediately after our arrival on the island it was time for their first look. I LOVE this part of the day! Hakim stood at the end of the dock, with his back facing the water as Michaela made her way towards him. When she called his name and he turned towards her the sweetest expression crossed his face. There was nothing but love and happiness! After that we hopped on golf carts and quickly ( and I do mean quickly, lol ) made our way to the other side of the island for portraits along the rocky shore. I will never get tired of that backdrop...

Their ceremony was beautiful and unique in that there wasn't a center aisle! Family and the bridal party walked up to the altar from the dock behind the altar, and I absolutely loved it! Their ceremony was performed by Michaela's godfather and it was lighthearted and sweet, much like the happy couple themselves. Following the ceremony there was nothing left to do but enjoy they party!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.! Here are some of my favorites from their day: