I Have a Deep, Dark, Secret...

You want to know one of my deepest, darkest secrets? It's hard for me to admit but...

I never graduated high school.

You guys, that is a fact I have kept hidden and locked away for years and years and years. It's not something I'm proud of because the girl I was when I made that choice is not the woman I am today. When I was 17 I struggled so much with just about everything and sort of felt like I was wandering about this world all alone. I rebelled, and eventually dropped out of high school half way through my senior year.

Honestly, it was a miracle I even made it that far.

Eventually I went to trade schools and earned various certifications though them and through various employers. I have taken tons of photography and business courses and built this dream business I have today. Still though, no high school diploma... until now ;)

The whole covid thing has opened up a lot of time at home I wouldn't ordinarily have, as well as cyber learning opportunities that wouldn't ordinarily have been there. So, I went back to high school. (Not GED, legit went back to high school.)

You are now looking at a high school graduate! Will it change anything? Nope... not at all. Just remember this the next time you're reminded of a regret you have or something you wish you would have done in life because, friends...

it's never too late.

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