Littleton Maine Engagement Session | Jennah & Seth

This engagement session reignited my creative heart.

Before I get into the details of all of that, though, I'm guessing we should start back at the beginning.

I first heard from Jennah all the way back in the fall of 2019. Her and Seth had originally planned on getting married in Oct. of 2020, but then the whole world flipped upside down and they decided like so many others to postpone their wedding until 2021. Thankfully, 2020 is behind us now and it was finally time for these two to have their engagement session! Oh! I forgot to mention another amazing little change that happened since I first heard from Jennah. Her and Seth welcomed their first child together, a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!! She is the sweetest little girl and I'm so glad Sadie was there with us for their engagement session <3

This is actually wasn't my first time photographing them, believe it or not! I first met them in person last fall when Jennah's mom hired me for a family photo session and we've all kept in tough via social media ever since. They are such a great group of people!!

Anywho... back to their engagement session last week.

Jennah had reached out to me with an idea she wanted to try during her engagement session. It was the most original idea I had ever seen and couldn't wait to see what we could come up with. You guys... I could not be happier with how this session went. A beautiful couple, a beautiful baby, and a beautiful lake in Northern Maine? YES PLEASE! Not only are Jennah and Seth (and little Sadie!) so sweet and wonderful to work with, there was a creative element to their session that made it fresh and new for me. It was hands down one of my absolute favorite photo sessions I have ever done.

Here are some of my favorites!!