Liz & Seth | Wedding Day | Peru Maine

Liz and Seth had a beautiful wedding day planned. They were going to get married in a beautiful chapel in Portland, to be followed by a reception to remember at a restaurant in Falmouth.

Then the Coronavirus hit.

Suddenly, well made plans were changed and their wedding day became simply about the two of them becoming husband and wife. Their love for each other took center stage on their wedding day ( followed VERY closely by Liz's stunning wedding gown and Seth's Navy uniform...) which is exactly how it should be, right? It was intimate, emotional, and honestly, pretty darn perfect if you ask me.

When I think back on their day; I will remember the two of them dancing their first dance as husband and wife not on a dance floor to a song played by a DJ, but rather in their front yard to a song they played from a playlist.

I will remember the two of them walking hand in hand to the field behind their home for portraits together.

I will remember the two of them sharing a small piece of wedding cake with two tiny forks.

I will remember their beautiful dog, Sandy, who couldn't wait to join them for a photo or two.

I will remember the truly remarkable love story they share.

Mostly though, I will remember how calm and sincerely lovely their entire day was. I can only hope they look back and feel the same <3

(In keeping with the small and private tone of their entire wedding day, only a very limited number of photos from their beautiful day will be shared publicly.)