Moving Forward...

A couple years ago I photographed a wedding in Philadelphia. I've photographed several weddings there, but a moment from this one has been on my mind lately.

I was getting ready to photograph my couple walking out of the church but I was having a hard time because space was very limited. Suddenly this kind, tall man stood behind me and said,

"I've got you. You lean against me as much as you need to and I'll hold you up."

I leaned back as hard as I could and stayed steady because of the strong hand on my back. I was able to capture this beautiful moment because of him. There was never a single moment or thought of fear in my mind, only immense gratitude.

I feel like it's important to get back to sharing about weddings and celebrating love here. I will be returning to wedding posts on my social media pages, but please don't think that means my part of the conversation we're having as a world right now is done.

To that sweet man, and every one else of color who may be struggling to have their peaceful message heard...

I've got you. You lean against me as much as you need to and I'll hold you up. ❤❤❤

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