National Nurses Day

So many previous and current SCP Brides & Grooms are nurses.

My plan was to go through and post photos of each of them, but it would be a GIANT post. So instead today, on national nurses day, I'm simply going to say THANK YOU.

Currently you and other medical professionals around the world are directly on the frontlines of this horrible virus every day.

You have seen things I couldn't ever imagine. You are tired, scared, overwhelmed, and still you show up every day.

Thank you isn't enough, but it's all I've got.

I want you and all other medical professionals around the world to know that I will be telling my grandchildren about your bravery when they ask about this time.

You are the heros in this story...

I appreciate you more than any words could ever do justice to. I pray for your safety, am grateful for your service, and sincerely admire your strength.

Thank you for everything you do every day ❤