Otisfield Maine Wedding | Cyanna & Chris

Have you ever heard of Otisfield, Maine? I hadn't either but let me tell you, a treasure chest full of wedding gold is there.

Last weekend I headed back down to Otisfield for only the second time ever, the first time being Cyanna and Chris's engagement session. I found the town so charming then but now? I'm a HUGE fan!

I arrived at Linnell Farm shortly after noon on Saturday and I couldn't wait to see Cyanna and Chris again. Before seeing them, though, I was going to have a little tour of this new ( to me ) venue. Immediately after arriving Tammy picked me up in the parking lot on her golf cart and gave me a quick tour of her property. You guys... it's UNREAL. I've worked all across this state and all over Eastern Pennsylvania and without a doubt this was one of the most beautiful venues I have EVER worked. Once I picked my jaw off the floor and got a hold of my excitement, I went to find Cyanna.

Since Cyanna and Chris decided against a bridal party, it was just her and her mom getting ready. How special is that!?!? I photographed her details as Chris and family were busy making sure everything was just right outside. Once she was ready it was time for her first look with her dad but first, I had to make sure Chris was stashed away and where he was supposed to be since he was so busy helping everyone ;) Cyanna's dad stood with his back turned to her as she walked down the stairs and in his direction. When he turned around and saw her his face lit up in the brightest, proudest, sweetest way! Next it was time for her first look with Chris.

I met Chris at the reception area and had him him turn away so he couldn't see Cyanna before she was ready for him to. She walked in and said his name and when he turned around, you guys, I swear you could see the nerves and anticipation of the day immediately melt away from them both. It was SO sweet!! Now there was nothing left to do but get married!

I headed out back and waited for the ceremony to start. Family started making their way down in front of Cyanna, including their two very loved dogs who were dressed in their own wedding entire. SO. CUTE. Cyanna walked down the aisle on the arm of her dad and her and Chris were married in a ceremony officiated by Chris's grandfather. They had a very small group of family and friends in attendance and it was absolutely lovely. Their ceremony was about just the two of them, but somehow it felt like a group conversation including their whole family in a way. It was wonderful.

After the ceremony there was nothing left to do but celebrate and that is exactly what everyone did. I'm so happy I was able to capture this special day for them.