Portland Maine City Hall Elopement | Courtney and Eddie

Just a little over a week ago I received an email from Courtney and Eddie letting me know that they would be eloping at City Hall in Portland the following week and asking if I'd be available to photograph it for them.

Are you kidding!? No WAY was I missing that wedding! To say that I was excited was an understatement.

You see, originally they were supposed to get married back in June ( on my birthday, actually ) but because of Covid they postponed like so many did in those early months of the pandemic. They postponed to a date later this summer, again, just like so many others did as we were all pretty sure things would have calmed down by then. Boy oh boy were we wrong and everything got much worse. Unfortunately that meant that they would have to postpone again, this time until 2021. That is such an incredibly heartbreaking choice to have to make once let alone twice.

Now you can understand why there was no way in the world I was missing this wedding.

I met up with them at City Hall yesterday morning and within what felt like minutes they were married. No pandemic would be stopping them from becoming husband and wife ever again :)

Following their ceremony we walked around Portland on a surprisingly quite and absolutely lovely morning, taking photos at various locations along the way. They are still going to have their big wedding next year, and I will be there for that one too, but oh my goodness what a special time it was with them yesterday <3

Congratulations, you two!!!