Village by The Sea Wedding | Elizabeth & David | Wells, ME

Last Sunday we were treated to an early afternoon wedding, which is always such fun change of pace! Unfortunately, we also were "treated" to pouring rain pretty much the entire day. Although the weather seriously changed all the plans that had been made prior, Elizabeth and David still ended up with a beautiful wedding day full of love, laughter, and great memories.

We arrived at 8 am and met up with Elizabeth and her sisters as they got ready. They already had their hair her makeup done, and if you know anything about that process you know they woke up early. If you aren't familiar, Elizabeth started getting ready at 4 am! After saying our hellos, Elizabeth showed me around and I got to work photographing all her beautiful details.

Because of the weather and change of plans, we had a lot of extra time before the ceremony. It was nice being able to chat with everyone without stressing about the time! After details, we walked over to where David was getting ready and spent a little time hanging out them. Once everyone was all ready, it was time for their first look!

David took his place at the new ceremony location inside and waited for Elizabeth to make her way in. As soon as he heard her voice his face lit right up. It was so sweet!! After their first look everyone when upstairs to take 30 minutes to relax together before the ceremony. Time quickly ticked away and before I knew it, it was time for them to get married!

Their ceremony was perfect, even in the little moments of imperfection. As it turned out, the rings were left upstairs so there was a small break during the ceremony as the best man ran upstairs to collect the rings. I loved it! It added such a light moment and no doubt a funny story for them to tell for the rest of their lives.

The reception followed and it was so much fun. Handmade paper cranes were displayed every where you turned, and their cake was SO gorgeous! I've never seen such perfect buttercream flowers in all my life. Their first dance was so great and something you could tell they worked very hard on. ( I mean, look at that lift! ) The shoe game, trivia, and musical chairs was played and it was just all so fun.

Congratulations, you two!! Here are some of my favorites from their day: